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Bunny Tunes 5 - a Review

I must say, this has been a difficult DVD to review, as it is most excellent. 
So I decided to try to categorize a little.

My most favorite love song is "Sweetpea".

My most favorite unrequited love song is "The Bun I Love".

The best operatic song is "I had a Dream".  (Well done Maddie on a difficult selection!)

My most favorite toe-tapping song is "Milliebun".

Best duet is a tie between "All I ask of you" and "I Got you".

The very best song and bunny combo is "Ain't Misbehaving".  Handsome Bruno!

Song most likely to be playing in my head at odd times is "Sue's Bunny Mountain".

Thank you Andy for letting us visit Sue once more.

It's obvious a lot of hard work and thought went into the making of this album.
Thanks to all of you who had a hand in it. 
Congratulations on a job well done!


Bunny Tunes 5

It's here!!!

It came by Royal Mail again so you know that even with the recent election, Cedric and Millie are treated with the respect they so obviously deserve.

Unfortunately, I have to go to work and will be gone most of the day so I can't even watch it........

But don't let that stop you from placing an order! 
If you live in North America or South America or anywhere this side of the Big Pond, here is the web address 

For those of you who live on the other side of the Big Pond, (that would be Europe) you can order your copy here 

For anyone else, ask us if we can mail to you.  We don't want anybun being left out of this extradordinary brand of music.  If you don't know what the excitement is about here is the explanation:
Bunny Tunes is an on-going fundraiser designed to benefit bunnies less fortunate than our own.  This fun project was started by a small group of UK and US companion rabbit owners who took many well-known and favorite songs and gave them a rabbity-twist.   All the music and videos under the Bunny Tunes banner are written, recorded, and produced by these enthusiastic amateurs!

You not only get wonderful music and videos, you decide where your donation is going!

Work is calling - the place from whence comes pellet tokens enough to keep adding to my Bunny Tunes collection, so I have to go.  More later!

New Journal Friend for You

I've told Howie he could find some friends here on Live Journal, so please go say hi to him here:


Have a Happy Life Natalya!

Natalya and I attended our last Hoppy Hour as a foster mom and fosterbun.
She was adopted today to be a companion to a little red-eyed white Netherland dwarf.  Here is a picture of Natalya and Cream, new best friends:

They were so cute together.  Cream dated several bunnies but it came down to two:  Marshmallow and Natalya.  I thought Marshmallow had the right stuff, he did a small bit of grooming.  Then Natalya just laid by her side.  But Cream made her decision, which means I have a lot to learn about inter-bunny relationships.
I am so happy for Natalya - she's waited a long time for her forever home and Cream is a lucky bunny.

To ease crowding at one foster home, I agreed to take Howie home with me.  He's a red-eyed New Zealand, so he's quite a bit larger than anyone I've ever had here - nine pounds - and you can find his bio here:  http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/16030771 .

This bunny might be harder to give up than Camille was.  For one thing one of the potential adopters asked how old she was and the answer is six.   Appeared to be an interest-killing number, so they didn't deserve her.  Wish I had more room so I could adopt and continue to foster.  I love fostering!

For another, she sits with me sometimes, which counts a lot for me.

Here are a few pictures from Saturday's Foster Adoption event.  

Natalya, waiting for her date                                    This is Stew a 3 year old Flemish Giant, her first date                       

No Stew!!                                                                              She was unfazed, went back again
    He refused to groom; she thumped                                  and went to groom herself.

being carried to the groomer                                                                 Natalya's gorgeous tummy

I give up.  Comb me already!                                                                                        Can I get down now please?

             Second potential adopter came 35 minutes late and was the how-old person.  We left about 4 hours after we arrived - too long considering the length of the drive home.

Life just seems really complicated right now.   Sorry for not keeping up with the journals......
Jane - off to work

This week in Natalya News

The young Natalya has completely taken over the burrow left behind by the very young Miss Camille.
She has claimed it all. 
Yes, this determined bunny has chinned all things including her caregiver and is now comfortably certain she has made the place her home.
She has toys!
She has time to run, play, binky, zip through tunnels - narrow and wide!!
She can go in her house crate for a drink or a piddle and not get locked in!!!
She has her caregiver giving out strokes on demand- and the price for cuddles?  Sitting in the chair with Jane!!!!


Can you help figure out her mixed breeds?  She is a dwarf and her coat is plush with a swirl pattern.

Computer Hiccup

Been out of touch with everybun and hope to catch up a bit tonight.

Natalya is wonderful.  It's my intention to have you all meet her - soon.

Feeling Better About Things

Cammie is still leaving in the morning but I feel better knowing what type of home she will be going to for fostering.  Assuming, of course, she isn't adopted tomorrow.  While she has not been specifically requested, there will be several opportunities to meet potential adopters.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if she did find her forever home tomorrow?

I've asked a young (strong, healthy, sure-footed) man who lives in my building to carry her down to my car for me.  Sheila will carry her in to Hoppy Hour when we arrive.  Then we will stay for the foster adoption hour.  She will either go to the home she deserves to have had for the last year or so (!) or she will go to a new foster home that sounds quite nice for her and her them.

Meanwhile, I will be bringing Natalya home with me unless she gets adopted.  Her current fosterer can no longer help and Sheila said she's more of a laid-back bun.  Which I find surprising now that I've read her bio....:  www.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi

Camille has something to share with everybun so I hope you are all "friends" to her:   http://fosterbun.livejournal.com/  

Big day tomorrow, time for bed now.  And tonight I will be able to sleep knowing she'll be alright.


Personally, I'd rather watch Puppy Bowl w/Kitty Half Time and (new this year) Bunny Cheerleaders!  But even for that, I let a machine record it for later viewing.

But this post is to write something to Boogey and his 2foots that I can't do in quite the same way on his journal:

Oh yes the Saints,
came marching in
Oh yes the Saints came marching in

to take their first Super Bowl 



Proof Positive

Feeling better!  Thanks to the deluge of bunny vibes I received from my friends on Live Journal! 

Between prayers from 2foots and bunny vibes, there is nothing that can't be improved.

And a new Bunny Tunes order has also perked me right up - thanks David!

Had a nice cuddle with Camille, short but wonderfully nice. 

Maddie, please tell your Mum I captured Camille in her "I've got an apple!" dance-away.  Maybe she can use her skills to make it worthy to be on Bunny Tunes 5?  Also please tell her I haven't forgotten about the other two short videos of Princess.  It's still a little hard to see her alive and well on video when she's not here (physically).

Keep forgetting to let you all know Little Brother is looking better. As you may know, he started dropping fronds when Princess didn't come home from the vet and was looking like he wanted to cross the Bridge too.
I'm sure having another bunny here is keeping him firmly rooted in his pot. 

Hard to believe the Brothers and the Twins all came home with me in a tiny pot from Bachman's just a bit over 17 years ago?   I found someone worthy of the Twins and they left for their new home maybe 6 years ago because the apartment couldn't support four Norfolk Island pine trees, each with at least a three-foot wingspan at the time.

Ah nostalgia - turns into blather if one isn't careful.

Must go and rest some more.......